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Eos is a Clairvoyant, Empath, Psychic Medium, Angel Channel, Energy Healer and Pet Psychic. She has had a professional psychic practice in Sedona, Arizona since 2002. She was born in Texas, and her abilities created some hardship as a child. At age 18 she coincidentally relocated to an area in Arizona where her abilities were deeply appreciated. After much resistance, she accepted the calling to help others with her abilities.

In a session, she communicates with your Guardian Angel for insight into all areas of life. Eos was born with vivid recall of her last lifetime, which enables her to identify and describe past life situations that could be causing problems in the present. As an Empath, Eos is able to help with a variety of relationship issues as she is able to feel the feelings and intentions of others.

Since the future is not set in stone, Eos enjoys channeling information to help people create the best possible outcome in their lives. She also enjoys working with deceased loved ones and facilitates healing between the living and deceased.

Through Integrative Emotional Healing, Eos feel and release trapped emotions in the body that are causing problems in the present. Distance Healing is available as well.

Eos is a joy to work with due to her empowering and often humorous delivery of psychic information. Her clients know her laughter very well!

I have been communicating with all types of animals since I was a child. I have the ability to feel the feelings of animals and understand what they are thinking. (Yes, they have thoughts, sometimes in their own language and sometimes in your language!)

I have worked with many different types of animals over the years. All pets are extremely unique individuals with dynamic personalities. Dogs and cats are especially wise and always need their own feelings or thoughts validated, just like people! I am a cat lover, and often travel to Texas to work with cat colonies or rescues.

Get a pet psychic session when:
You experience behavioral problems.
Your pet is ill and the vet can't figure out why.
You sense your pet needs to express some emotional issue you can't understand.
You need some health tips. Get insight to why you are so attached to your pet. (past lives with pets or special bond)
The best way to communicate with your pets
You want to know how your deceased pets and doing in the Spirit Realm.
Your pet has taken on your emotional issues and is acting them out.
Find out if your pet wants to reincarnate to be with you again. (I have experienced some amazing pet reincarnation cases over the past ten years of working with animals. I will put these cases into a book in the future.)

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Eos Isabel Yolanda ~ Empathic Psychic Medium ~ Pet Psychic ~ Angel Channel~ AZ 

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