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 Hillary Black ~ Psychic Medium ~  Tarot Consultant~ Psychics ~ Intuitive Consultant~ CA & CO

Please note the founder of the organization is not liable for refunds on behalf of individual consultants. As they are all independent contractors. Not all members are certified by this organization, some are just members of the organizations directory. The ones who are certified have gone through training with our organization and they will say so on their websites.
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Hillary Black has been reading professionally since 1996, Hillary has read for clients throughout the United States and abroad, either by telephone and/or one-on-one consultations. In 2002 Hillary readings began to evolve as she saw a trend among her clients. They had the information to make informed choices, yet they did not know how to take the next step with goal setting, visualization and manifestation. She helped people in the areas of Life Coaching; relationships, family, career and small businesses. She began utilizing life coaching skills that came to her naturally and drawing from past experiences when she was a competitive athlete in swimming for over 10 years, achieving the level of Junior Olympics and Junior Nationals which was two levels away from Olympics. She also swam with former Olympian Tammy Bruce, who medaled second to Janet Evans in Swimming in the 1988 Olympics.

With these two natural talents of Spiritual Readings and Life Coaching, Hillary now blends the two to give the client a more comprehensive consultation.

Hillary has participated in numerous Spiritual Fairs. Event Promoters have hired her for private, charity and corporate parties.  In addition, she founded the on-line magazine entitled Spiritually Touched™ On-Line Magazine in 1996 and was the Editor and Publisher. The On-line magazine boasted writers from Canada, Spain, Ireland, Germany and the United States. Impressively her 3rd month in publication Spiritually Touched™ received 33,000 hits per month from all over the world. Her column, Thoughts to Ponder, was published on the acclaimed World Wide Information Outlet featured in published books, college classes and magazines such as PC Magazine to name a few. Her magazine later was put on hiatus after a near death experience.

Featured on Cybergyde Radio Show at AM1280 RALPH in Denver, Colorado in April, May, June of 1998, Hillary was interviewed about her spiritual readings, how she entered into the metaphysical field, concerning her online magazine, as well as performed live spiritual readings for callers and people in line at live locations. In September 1998, Hillary was a guest on AM1280 RALPH on Lets Talk with Lucas and Cassie Radio Show predicting future of the country and impeachment proceedings.

In January 2000, Hillary was interviewed and conducted readings for audience members on the television show "Mystical Insights," hosted by Patrisha Richardson.

In June 2003, Insightful Options (Formerly Spiritually Touched) made its debut on the internet.

In November 2003, Hillary returned to the Corporate world working in the health care industry; hospice helping families of those who crossed over.

In September 2004, Hillary trained in San Diego, California with Corporate Coach U taking Business Coaching Essentials Fast Track program in the areas of Corporate Coaching with a blend in Life Coaching. 

In October 2004, Hillary continuing training from Coach U taking Personal Foundation Class and Professional Coaching Styles Inventory Class.

In December 2005, Hillary graduated from Corporate Coach U Fast Track Program, one of the founding Coaching Schools.

In May 2010, Due to many requests Hillary has returned to her passion and life path, helping those spiritually connect.

Hillary is also a Magnified Healing Master Teacher. 

As a professional intuitive for the past 20 years, I have delivered messages from spirit with appreciation and compassion, to help those help themselves. I am a truthful reader, reading only what you ask me to. I do this by showing you the big picture in a comprehensive way; through the past, present, the future, new realities, choices and fated events, helping you co-create your life. 

I blend in life/spiritual coaching where you choose your reality by setting your goals beyond your old expectations, while being open new options and experience in a supportive environment using one or all of the 3 C’s; Calm, Clarity and Confirmation. You move forward to plan, to organize and to follow through with everyday concerns spawning growth in a safe and secure environment, thus allows feelings and emotions to flow. This helps you to make informed choices. This is for those who choose to create positive situations for them or change the negative to a positive in their life. Whether you are looking to connect with a loved one from the past, make a career move, or making changes to improve your life, an intuitive consultation help along the way. 

I thank you for allowing me to share my gifts and talents with you in this journey we call   life.