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RavenHaze Healing and Divination~ Heather Alfonso

Areas covered include:

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Heather Alfonso is an Evidential Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Certified Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Teacher and author.

I have been using Reiki for over 20 years and teaching Reiki levels one and two since obtaining certification as a Reiki Master shortly afterwards. I have used Reiki healing in many different areas including emotional healing, physical healing, on animals and plants and even in-animate objects! My classes are fun and informal while still making sure that you fully understand what you’re learning!

​At an early age, I recognized that I had gifts in divination; although at the time I never knew what to do with them or how to develop them further. Life happened and I would use these gifts for myself and family members.  I started with cartomancy and pendulum use. Over the years I have added tarot, runes, scrying and remote viewing. 

And then life events took me in a different direction; allowing me the time to really develop these gifts and hone in on them. That’s when I took courses and began to grow my skills with the support of my mentor through the Kera Center. One thing I learned was how to take my mediumship abilities from Spiritual Medium to showing the EVIDENCE first as an evidential medium.

​As I also love to teach others, I have authored several pagan children's books centered around "Morgan, the Littlest Witch" to educate the youngest generation of little witchlings about the path. I currently teach Reiki and Pendulum divination both in person and online.

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