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My name is Angel Thacker (I also go by Intuitive Angel) and I am a Channel and Medium in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA).   I have more than 20 years as a practicing psychic medium, reader, healer and channel giving readings to thousands of individuals and groups worldwide.  I pride myself on my professionalism and ability to bring clarity, honest and straight forward information to the clients I work with.  In my life I have enjoyed success in such diverse fields from entertainment to more traditional corporate professions and find all these experiences have given me a deeper ability to understand and relate to my clients.  Over the years I accepted what I feel is a more powerful calling where I have been able to help others find answers to bring them closer to their life purpose.   For we are all so much happier when we are walking our true path of purpose and we are all truly deserving of abundance and joy!

In my personal evolution I have found great pleasure in connecting with groups through lectures and workshops and working one on one with individuals through the various mediums available in this age of technology.  As a Spiritual Life Coach I do more than give readings, I give my clients tools and answers to get them to the next step in what they are attempting to achieve.   I work through what I call the Whole Life Connection where I focus on the 5 connections of a person's full life to complete their life's purpose and give them focus on all levels.

Angel's Qualifications
Minister, Universal Life Church, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Charka Energy Clearing Certification, Past Life Regression Facilitator, Channel and Medium, Tarot Card Divination, Angel Card Divination, Angel Energy Worker, Aroma-Therapist, Sacred Herbalist, Spiritual Channel.
Reiki Energy Healer

The Benefits of Spiritual Life Coaching

As an intuitive and healer I like to think of myself as providing whole life solutions for my clients.  As a partner in their quest for success, joy, knowledge and love.  Beyond working with a psychic, a spiritual life coach takes you through a full process of support, resolution, assistance and solutions.  Connecting through The Divine Source, Angel Works, Ascended Masters and Guides I will work with you to help you find the solutions you're looking for. Working with a spiritual life coach will benefit you by giving you:

 - Clear connection to The Divine Source;

- A sense of empowerment and purpose;

- Release the stress, blocks and the obstacles that have stood in your way;

- Connect you to your guides, Divine energies and Ascended Masters for messages, clarity and guidance;

- Help you learn how to navigate through life’s everyday struggles and interruptions;

- Help you explore your whole life lessons through past and current life experiences;

- Give you every day exercises and activities to support and connect you through your journey;

- Give you a stronger sense of self and spiritual purpose;

It would be my privilege to work with you as your spiritual life coach.  I can work with you through private readings, groups, multi session or long term programs. 


Angel Thacker  ~ Psychic Medium Intuitive Divine Channel ~ Angel Consultants~ Intuitive Life Coach ~ 

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